Telok Blangah Archery Club


Eagle's Eye View of the TBAC Archery Range
Eagle’s Eye View of the TBAC Archery Range courtesy of JL

The Telok Blangah Archery Club (TBAC) appears to have existed in the early 2000s but by the mid 2000s, it was in kind of a “decrepit” state.
Thankfully (in 2005), two senior members of Telok Blangah Community Centre (now renamed as Telok Blangah Community Club), Mr Richard Yip and Mr Frankie Yat, got together and decided to do a total rejuvenation of the club. Its range was at a field next to the (now non-existent) Telok Blangah Primary School and a stone’s throw from its present range for a fairly long time, until 2012 when it moved over. A funny thing was that its early members were

Another Bird's Eye View of TBAC - contributed by EXM
Another Eagle’s Eye View of TBAC – contributed by EXM

somehow largely made up of retirees and fairly senior working people. The archery fraternity often teased that it was the Old Men’s Archery Club. Soon, the teasing stopped when in under 2 years, the Club began to make a strong mark in local competitions. Indeed, we take pride that a significant number of our members are part of the Singapore National Archery Team and are also thankful for the continued support from the Telok Blangah Community Club.
Several of the early members are still with the club. They include, of course, our two rejuvenators, Richard who is now the Advisor and “Uncle Frankie” who is the Chairman as well as JL, our famed Mama cum National Archer cum Treasurer. Don Quixote and Decrepit who are now traditional bow archers with the Eagles sub-group were also early members of the club.

TBAC is right at the base of Telok Blangah Hill's Southern RIdge
TBAC is right at the base of Telok Blangah Hill’s Southern Ridge

For a bit of local history and trivia, the name “Telok Blangah” means “Clay Pot Bay” in Malay. (Telok = Bay; Blangah = Clay pot or cauldron). The modern Malay spelling would be Teluk Belanga. Much of the area used to belong to the Yeo’s Association and was the subject of land acquisition by the Singapore Government in the early 1970s, for the purpose of public housing. Due to it’s proximity to the southern shore, Telok Blangah was designated as a resettlement housing estate for many island dwellers from the Southern islands.

Singapore's Southern Islands (Source:
Singapore’s Southern Islands (Source:

In fact, you could buy fresh sea catch from the early resettlement provision stores as the former islanders would still frequent their old fishing grounds. However, this practice stopped within a matter of years as access to the sea became more difficult and with the urbanization of the resettled communities. Today, the Yeo’s Association (now called Hokkien Yeo See Association) still own about a 1+ hectare plot for their association building, just a few hops from our archery club.

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