Queer Old Don

Some weeks back, Don Quixote was asked if he could contribute an article to our blog site. He said , “Gimme some time to pusing pusing* around my head for a while. Then I cough it out.”.”(*pusing pusing – Malay phrase for “turn around or churn”). Here it is, a self portrait by  our Senior Heretic Archer. Enjoy!

QUEER OLD DON – by Don Quixote
TS with CompoundLook at the queer compound bow set-up of Don Quixote. See how it has no stabiliser at all, neither is it fitted with a lens (or ‘scope’) and how he also does not use a finger or bow sling? Well, that’s the way he is, stubborn and always doing things differently. Yet he has the medals to show that he was able to attain the Full FITA badge, land prizes at some local events and even a regional one (the Pesta Sukan) with this small bow and such a set-up, which makes it even stranger.
Don’t ask him why he does things so differently because he would only answer, “Why? Cannot ah?” Decrepit, who has known him for over a decade complains that he has been hit with this response so many times over the years, he has given up asking old Don any further questions about his strange ways, including in fishing, a side activity that some Eagles also engage in together once in a while.
Old Don was into compound bow archery for more than 10 years before he came onto traditional bow archery and now, he has transferred his unusual ways of doing things over to the latter. For instance, he has spouted a theory called “Mai Tham Sim”, meaning not to be greedy in a local dialect.
When one brave soul asked him to explain (and was in luck because he was among the very few not hit by the standard reply), old Don said that it is to just aim to get within the black ring and not aim at the yellow. Using this method, the arrows are spread fairly evenly over the black, blue and red zones and with a few lucky ones landing on yellow, for 30 arrows at a 40 cm target face at 18 metres, decent score close to or even exceeding 200 by a little, is easily attainable.
Strangely, it works when one is new to traditional archery, even though the method will not win one any prizes. It seems that with a new archer, trying to aim too finely makes it difficult to hold the bow steadily. So perhaps old Don could have finally spouted something useful.