Equipment Retail

This is a convenience list (alphabetical order) and will be updated occasionally. We have bought stuff from these sites but have no commercial arrangements with any party here. It’s always good to get up-to-date feedback from your friends on the best deals, product quality and service. Happy shopping!


Archery Forces – Online Retail by the former Home Team Archery Range Operator

Axio Pro – Facebook centric retail run by some enthusiastic local archers

Dragon Archery – One of the most established local distributor-retailer in Singapore

SE Archery – Run by a young team, it has a growing product list



Alternative Sporting Services

Very fast and efficient online retailer operating out of the United Kingdom. Competitive pricing, good stocking and excellent packing.

Dryad Bows

Mid/High End riser and limb maker in the USA. Well reviewed. Very nice grip profile but expect delays owing to the small cottage industry setup.

Falco Archery

An Estonian Traditional Bow maker that has been making waves in Europe. Their modern longbows and flatbows have been winning numerous prizes in the FITA, IFAA and other European national circuits.

Gold Tip Arrows

A popular arrow brand. What else is there to say? Based on our information, Axio Pro is an authorised agent for Gold Tip.

IXPE Sports

Netherlands based online retailer with an amazingly wide range of products and good pricing. However, deliveries may be a bit slow and packing quality can be improved.

Lancaster Archery

Probably the most dominant US Retailer around. Good at attending to complaints/product defects. One of our archers had an unexpected upgrade after a purchase failed on him. 🙂