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Thailand Outdoor Archery Club 3D & Field Challenge 2016

toac_3dfield_2016The Thailand Outdoor Archery Club is hosting its 3D & Field Challenge 2016 at Nakorn Nayok from 12th-13th November.

The shoot location is about 2 hours drive, Northwest of Bangkok City. It looks scenic with hills,

Relative Location of Meet Site to Bangkok City
Relative Location of Meet Site to Bangkok City
Close-up of the Meet Location. It's near an existing camp site.
Close-up of the Meet Location. It’s near an existing camp site.

waterfalls and meandering rivers; and promises to be a very interesting setting. There will be 2 parts to the competition, a Field Round on Day 1, based on IFAA rules with 24 targets over 2 rounds. On Day 2, it will be a 3D Round with approximately 25 targets, also over 2 rounds. Three of our TBAC Eagles will be making the trip up north this time, to enjoy this event and to get to know our Thai friends better.

You can find out more about the this competition by visiting

Hats off to the TOAC for all the hard work in arranging this event!

Auckland – New Zealand will host 2017 Worldmastergames

Field archery is one of the disciplines that will be competed at the games.  A couple of Eagles Barebow members are organizing a group to participate at the event. Join us!

Field (IFAA Field Round and World Archery marked field round)

Competition Details

Indoor – All Bows
– 18m Round and 25m Round (combined total of both decides winners)
– All ages shoot these distances
Field – All Bows
– World Archery Marked Field Round – 24 targets
– IFAA Field Round – 28 targets
Target – Compound
– All ages shoot 50m target
Target – Longbow
– All ages shoot 50m target
Target – Recurve and Recurve Barebow – 72 Arrow Round, Match Play
– 30+ and 40+ shoot at 70m target
– 50+, 60+ and 70+ shoot at 60m target

Find out more about the Worldmastergames here :