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Barebow Try-out Event (21st January 2018)

Thanks for a Sunny Sunday

Sunday morning (21st January 2018) did not look like it was going to be fine day. At about 7am, the sky was thick with low clouds and it looked like we were in for a very drippy time. Eagles started trickling into the TBAC range from about 7:30am and the sky thankfully lightened up by 8am, revealing welcome rays of sunshine. It was going to be a good day after all. 🙂 By 8am,  most of the 23 confirmed volunteers (swelling to about 30 at final count) were up and about, busy setting up the range and registration desk.  This was rounded off with a final briefing by Rhino Chew, the gruffest of our gruff coaches.

Get to work!
Nearly Done!
All Ready to Go and the Final Briefing

The first run of our Archery for Life Barebow Try-out event attracted 33 archers and was over-subscribed. There were even some residents who turned up at the range trying to get a place but we were unable to accommodate them we were short of equipment.  33 archer wannabees (shooting in one detail) is a very large number in the context of Singapore. We could not have supervised so many without the unstinting volunteerism of TBAC members.

Registration Time

Of the 33 participants, there were 3 lucky boys who were mistakenly registered due to an administrative mix-up. I say lucky, as there was no shortage of very qualified helpers who paid personal attention to their safety and enjoyment; and we happened to have some children bows around.

Kit up and get familiar with the Equipment
Wow, Wow, Wow demo by our experienced Archers
At the Shooting Line

The 3-hour event was divided into 2 halves, with a 15 minute break in between. Participants were treated to a demonstration by our experienced archers who showed off their skills with a Basic Barebow (30m balloon targets), Whistling Arrows (to about 50m), Asiatic Recurve Bow (18m traditional straw target board and a Modern Take-down Recurve Hunting Bow (18m 3-D ground target). It was a very cooperative crowd and all listened attentively to instructions by PA Coach Tan Tor Seng, Coach Dennis Ng and Club Coach Uncle Chew. The distribution was 4 archers to a board with 2 board supervisors to each board of archers.


Board Supervisors Pulling Out Arrows

Lucky Kids being given plenty of Attention!

Our high volunteer numbers meant that the newbie archers were kept engaged throughout the event and instruction was only a whisper away. You could see the improvement in their archery skills as the session coasted towards the end, culminating in a Nearest-the-Centre competition. Archers shot only 1 arrow at the 122cm Target and 1 arrow at the 3-D ground target. You could feel the tense and exciting atmosphere as the new archers took turns to aim and launch their arrows.

Happy Winners of the Board Competition

At last count, 17 have signed up for the Barebow Course (commencing on 4th February 2018). This is a very encouraging sign-up rate and we hope that this portends of equally good take-up rates in the next 3 runs.

Supporter; Photographer; Videographer; Phone-o-grapher….. all part of our volunteer group

We hope all participants had an enjoyable morning at the TBAC range and have discovered the joy of Barebow Archery. Do help to spread the word around about our upcoming Archery for Life Barebow Try-out runs and Barebow Courses.  Thank you for sharing your Sunday morning with us at the TBAC and a Very BIG Thank You to all our Volunteers!

New Archers at the end of a Fun Sunday morning

TOAC 3D Challenge 2017 Report

A squadron of 9 archers ( 8 x Barebow and 1 x Compound) from our Club made the journey to Nakhon Nayok this year. We hired 2 Toyota Fortuner SUVs, which proved to be comfortable and had enough room for all of us including our bulky gear. Due to a few missed turns, the estimated 2 hour drive from Suvarnbhumi Airport to the Sida Resort eventually took us about 2 hours 45 minutes. It was well and good, as we got to see more of the Thai landscape.

Verdant Setting of the Sida Resort

The competition was held within the grounds of the Sida Resort. It is is an expansive development with low rise flats and cottages for accommodation, free ranging horses, huge fields and a mountain river running right through it. Indeed, it was a serene and rustic setting enhanced by its location near the base of the Khun Dan Prakarn Chon Dam, one of the main attractions of Nakhon Nayok.

The Sida Resort does feel a bit aged but it is well maintained and the room rates were very reasonable at THB1000 per night (single occupancy). There was also pristine fresh air that you can’t buy in urban Singapore. The staff do not speak much English but were attentive. In the era of handheld phone translators and artificial intelligence, the barriers to cross language communications are quickly fading away.

Eagles Gearing Up
Registration and Briefing

The competition was run over 2 days. Day 1 comprised 2 rounds of 24 targets (unmarked distances) with 16 shooting stations. Average walking distance was 2000m lasting about 3 hours per round. Archers shot Round 1 from 9am – 12noon, broke for lunch and more or less continued with Round 2 after 2pm. Participants were then sorted out based on their total scores (for the 2nd Day shoot), with the top half fighting for their own medals and the lower half also battling for their group medals. This is a good idea as it gives the weaker archers an opportunity to win something and a challenge to move up the ranks next year.

3D Challenge 2017 Route Map… A Kinder Arrangement 🙂

Based on our estimation, the target distances ranged from 6m to 40m. There were some steep angled shots and limited standing room positions that added to the interest and fun in this event. The most difficult skill for a 3D archer is distance estimation. We don’t get much real practice in Singapore so a lot of it boils down to guesswork or intuition.

Competition Begins

Despite this year’s much kinder layout, Day 1 was still a tiring affair. Some Eagles shot on while battling the fever or flu and our compound archer Hong Hui (HH) twisted his left ankle badly early on in Round 1. However, he soldiered on gallantly to complete the circuit but had to abandon Round 2, as the swelling and pain had gotten too bad. Nevertheless, HH has been bitten by the 3D bug and is determined to return next year.

Archers’ Form 1
Archers’ Form 2
Targets We Shot At

Our Thai hosts were an energetic lot. They invited participants to an after dinner BBQ at the shoot location on Day 1. Lighting was rather limited but we enjoyed their campsite culinary skills and the BBQ was really good.

Saturday Night BBQ!

Day 2 shoot comprised of 1 Round and the shooting positions were moved around a bit, mostly with longer distances. It’s a pity that last year’s Barebow Champion Khun Montri was unable to participate in this year’s competition. However, we were treated to a good fight for the top 2 positions between Princess Cup Champion 2016 (Ex-Machina) and Princess Cup Champion 2017 (Khun Supin). Guess what, Ex-Machina won on his first time out! Khun Supin looks like a rather serious guy but he’s really light-hearted by nature. We enjoyed his funny comments whenever we missed a target.

Shooting Groups
Showing Off the Medallists!

The TOAC puts in a lot of heart and soul into hosting this 3D event. It requires several recce trips, hard logistics and good planning to run it as a safe, smooth and interesting competition. Indeed, such 3D competitions are very rare in ASEAN and we do sincerely hope that interest and support will grow for TOAC’s effort and the sport. They’ve done a great job for the Princess Cup Archery Competition and we wish them similar success in the TOAC 3D Challenges for the years to come.  Archers…. make a date now for 3D Challenge 2018 and see you next year!


Eagles extended their stay at the Sida Resort so we could do some other stuff instead of shooting. Eagles being Eagles, we could not help going back to the shoot location with a small target board at the Target 3 location (approximately 40m). That done, we headed off for a very good lunch and then to the CRMA Gun Range for….. more shooting! It’s about a 45 minute drive southwards from the Sida Resort. A very safe and reasonably priced public gun range that is run by the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy.

Eagles Can’t Resist Shooting Arrows After the Competition


Eagles Went Touring and Shooting at the CRMA
What Eagles Do Best…. Enjoy the Company and GOOD FOOD!

Photo credits: We are fortunate to have had many sources for photographs. Some of which are obtained from the links below 🙂

Please visit:

TOAC 3D Challenge 2017 Facebook

Poad Traipat Facebook


Passing of a Champion Archer

Montri – Photo taken at TOAC 3D and Field Challenge 2016

We received the sad news that Montri Tangjanrukij (Barebow Champion of the TOAC 3D and Field Challenge 2016) passed away on 22nd November 2017. Montri was known to be a very keen and gracious archer. Indeed, some of us were looking forward to catch up with him at the TOAC 3D Challenge 2017 and were surprised by his absence. May his Soul be Well and Happy.


Banner Layout and Design by Artist

“Archery for Life” is a project initiated by the Eagles Barebow Chapter, with support from the Telok Blangah Archery Club and the Telok Blangah Community Club.  It is an outreach programme to spread the simple joys of Barebow Archery and is focussed on Telok Blangah Constituency Residents in the 35-60 years age group.

The first part of this programme is a 3-hour introduction to Barebow Archery. Thereafter, you can sign-up for a specially tailored 3-session Barebow Course (conducted over 3 Sunday mornings) including an add-on 3-month Telok Blangah Archery Club provisional membership, at a special rate.

Poster Layout and Design by Artist

The event dates for the 1st part introductory programme are:

Run 1: 9am – 12noon, Sunday, 21st January 2018 (This was over-subscribed and participants had a good time. Click HERE for the Event Report)

Run 2: 9am – 12noon, Sunday, 22nd April 2018 (Tickets are now on sale at the Telok Blangah Community Club)

Run 3: 9am – 12noon, Sunday, 22nd July 2018

Run 4: 9am – 12noon, Sunday, 21st October 2018

Event location: Telok Blangah Archery Club Range, Telok Blangah St. 31

Places are limited to 30 persons per run, so do head down quickly to the Telok Community Club to get your ticket(s). Bring along your spouse or a Telok Blangah Buddy too. Begin a lifelong journey of Fitness, Friendship & Fun through Barebow Archery!

Additional Information:

Barebow Introduction Event:

Attire – Decent, light and reasonably fitting clothes. Overly loose tops may catch the bowstring after it is released

Footwear – Fully covered shoes e.g. sports shoes are suitable. For safety reasons, open toed sandals and slippers are not permitted for wear within the archery range

Equipment – All equipment, including finger tabs and arm guards will be provided by the organisers. Just come and enjoy the morning.

Barebow Course (exclusive to Introduction Event participants only):

3 x 2hr sessions (Sunday mornings, 10am – 12noon) at the Telok Blangah Archery Club at $80/Telok Blangah resident. Courses will commence 2 weeks after each introduction event. Participants from Telok Blangah are also offered a package i.e. Barebow Course + TBAC 3-month provisional membership at a special rate of $125.

Course participants are required to purchase their own arm guards and finger tabs. All other equipment will be provided by the Club.

Please also visit:

Do spend some time to go through our blog. You can see how much we enjoy barebow archery and the camaraderie that comes with it. Don’t know much about the Telok Blangah Archery Club? Click HERE to find out more. You might also discover some interesting facts about Telok Blangah.  🙂





Sembawang Archery Club Open 2017 (26th – 27th August)

B459779B-EDA8-4899-B85D-32D5CC0B9019The Sembawang Archery Open 2017 was held on 26-27 August 2017 at the Sembawang Community Club.

The organizers from Sembawang Archery8A088FAD-069D-4EE5-8B0C-3A4AFB652894 Club did a sheltered set-up in the basketball court of the Community Club, understandably to shut out the sun and the rain. The weather was cloudy for most of the 2 days. Some Eagles felt that the lighting was rather dim and the vision of the targets were thus less than ideal for perfect shots even though the 80cm targets were used. Nonetheless, we were glad to 0AFF6206-3D9C-428D-889B-2472D5EF0502see many fellow archers from the local community participating in the event.

Telok Blangah Archery Club participated in the Recurve Open and Barebow Open categories. We fielded 2 Men’s Open Recurve Team and 6 competitive Barebow archers. Our Barebow archers (represented by Ex Machina, Falcon, Pocahontas, Kat, Kai and Dark Knight) performed outstandingly at the end of Day 1. All 6 archers ranked 1st to 6th at the end of Day 1 and secured the top 4 positions in the IKO on Day 2. Ex Machina, Pocahontas and Falcon eventually won the Barebow competition (1st to 3rd respectively) after a very exciting showdown in the semifinal and final matches.

Our young archers from TBAC also did equally well to win Gold and Bronze in the Men’s Open Recurve Teams. The Recurve archers also secured Silver and Bronze medals in the Recurve Open IKO.

We thank all our supporters from TBAC who turned up to give their moral support and lent their hand at being the unofficial photographers of the event. Special thanks to our Eagles community who took many memorable candid shots of our archers at the event.



  • Contributed by KAI

Simply Archery 2017 • 2nd Open Championship Meet

On 14th October 2017, sixteen Eagles flew over to end of Punggol Road for Simply Archery’s annual bare and traditional bow shootout for the second year running.

This year saw even more overseas participants than last year, from Indonesia and Brunei and from all over Malaysia. The foreign competitors were very good, especially the men at traditional bow archery. For example, a small sized archer from Kelantan was first in the traditional bow category as well as third in the modern barebow category, with use of the same traditional bow.


It is impressive how coach Ali’s small outfit made up of his close relatives and friends were able to capably stage such a fairly big event for hundred over archers in two categories with 16 targets laid out, some of which were very interesting, such as a duck in a depression and a long, a slim piece of foam on a target board at about 30 metres. There was also this amusing rule that if one hits a 3D target on the head, neck or leg, especially when it is a bird, penalty points are dished out, “Because it is very difficult to repair”, said Coach Ali.

The Lady Eagles really showed their prowess that day. They basically swiped everything. For individual ranking, Pochahontas, Kat and Rac were First, Second and Third respectively.  They also made up the team that won the Team Gold. CN won the Ladies’ Individual Trophy .

The men, made up of EXM, Falcon and Artist had to ‘combine power’ to pull off their Team Gold, in the Modern Barebow category.

The men’s traditional bow archers were overwhelmed by the very good foreign competitors. Positions 1 to 9 all went to the foreign competitors. Don Quixote got a small consolation for the Eagles at No 10, making him the highest ranking local traditional bow archer at the competition, out of a field of about 50.

But it was not so much what we won than the great fun we had, what with salivating kuehs (traditional Malay cakes) put out by Coach Ali’s band of swell ladies and a curry lunch made up of rice topped with a hefty piece of mutton or chicken and free flow of coffee too, which we suspect was what led to a big drop for many, in the 2nd Round scores that took place after lunch.

But we learned of a sad news the next day. Simply Archery will close by end of the year because the main tenant of the place which the range is located within, does not want to continue. Coach Ali and his gang, especially Coach Ali, kept the news from us during the competition. He was his usual jovial self that day. We sincerely wish that this merry gang of archers will be able to find a new place soon, to continue with their passion.

  • Reported by Don Quixote, Graphics and Layout by Artist 🙂

Modified Spigarelli ZT Rest for Win & Win Inno Riser (23″)

Pochahontas needed to set up a bow for 3D/Field Archery. She had a Spigarelli ZT Arrow Rest available and figured that it was a good idea to attach it to her carbon riser.

Plunger Bushings
The Problem with the Win & Win Inno Riser – Unfriendly to “wrap around” arrow rests

However, there was a little problem as the protruding plunger bushings from the Win & Win Inno riser resulted in an unstable mounting for the arrow rest. After some thought, we asked Ex-Machina (EXM) if he could cut a 1mm thick spacer to fill up the gap between the riser and rest mounting (caused by the  bushings). Naturally, he did better and shaped a  plate with rebated seats (included about 0.5mm tolerance) that fitted over bushings rest superbly.

Modified Rest
The Innovative Solution by EXM

This gave a perfect fit between riser and rest. Have a look at EXM’s Spigarelli ZT mod 🙂

Mounted ZT Rest
The Modified Arrow Rest is Mounted – In the hands of a happy archer

2017 Singapore Traditional Archery Night Shoot

Yup! Night shoot! When it gets dark..

The 2017 Singapore Traditional Archery Night Shoot, held on Saturday 30th September 2017 at the the Float@Marina Bay,  had 5 TBAC archers participating, including Dark Knight and Venator.   Once again, a gathering of like minded friends sharing an activity, infusing a wonderful sense of joy.


Hosted by Traditional Archers Singapore, the event had archers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and as far away as China coming to participate.

Team Indon Ladies
Team Malaysia
Team Taiwan
Team Thailand
Home Team!
Team China

This is an archery competition unique in that the rules strictly specify bows must not have arrow shelves, and must be shot with a thumb release as opposed to the more familiar finger release.  Naturally, being shot with a thumb release, the arrow would be on the same side as the drawing hand.

arrow same side as draw hand

The bows that are favoured by most archers are of the Korean/China/Mongolian/Manchurian  types, which seem to provide a very good cast with minimal holding and anchoring weight; somewhat similar in feel to that of a compound bow, but without the heft.  Such bows are generally short in strung length, demanding physical discipline and mental control to wield with mastery and accuracy.

Another unique aspect of this event are the targets; not just 3D targets, but hung in mid-air secured to a frame, and in one case, a black bat 3D target!  What a challenge, to shoot in the dim lights, at a dim target, hung in mid-air on a frame!

What a handsome bat!
Singapore Lion!
Turkish pear
Korean traditional target face

The event began with the opening ceremony, with a march-in to the field of play by the archers.  Surprise!   A majority of the archers came dressed in their traditional clothes, what a beautiful parade of finery!

The Indonesian Team

The opening speech was followed by a display of the traditional defense art of Silat, performed to a captivated audience.

The competition proper began at dusk, with the participants lined up to their assigned targets.  There were 9 stations with 9 targets of varying sizes and distances.

Winning form

The second round of the night was shot with the lights in the stadium turned off!  Archers had to shoot by the reflected glow of whatever ambient light was available.  Needless to say, the participants were thrilled to shoot such a condition.

I can’t see…

It seemed that in no time, the night round ended.

Day 2 saw the elimination rounds and a friendly tag archery competition.

The Chinese team from Alibow took team and individual Mens honours, Nazima Salleh from Singapore was crowned the individual Ladies champion in this 2017 Singapore Traditional Archery Night Shoot edition.

The Victorious Chinese Ali Bow Team
Individual Men’s Podium
Individual Ladies Podium

Our TBAC archers had a ball of a time, thanks to our wonderful hosts, and the companionship of everyone there.  This will be one unforgettable experience!

pics courtesy of Traditional Archers Singapore

  • reported by Decrepit

Thailand Outdoor Archery Association 3D Field Challenge 2017 (November 11-12)

The TOAC Field Challenge will be held from 11-12 November at the Sida Activity Resort, Nakhon Nayok. It will be an IFAA styled 3D-only event this year and the organisers have promised a more relaxing pace…… after last year’s very challenging and punishing location :P.

TOAC 3D 2017 FB

9 archers from TBAC will be taking the flight up to Bangkok i.e. 1 Bowhunter Compound Archer and 8 Bowhunter Recurve Archers. We look forward to an enjoyable outing, plus friendship and hospitality from our Thai hosts.

Participation fee is very reasonable at THB2,000 per archer. This includes 1 night’s stay (twin sharing) and all meals at the Sida Activity Resort. You can see the site location below. It looks really inviting :

 TOAC 3D 2017_Site

Do check for updates from this link:  TOAC 3D 2017 Facebook

What are you waiting for? See you at Nakhon Nayok!


Singapore National Games Archery Competition 2017

Setup at the Kallang Cricket Field
Very Impressive Scheduling by the Organisers!

Wow! Wow! Wow! 18 competition categories, more than 470 archers and more than 360 matches in this Team Only Singapore National Games Archery Competition 2017,  held at the Kallang Cricket Field from 29th – 30th July 2017.

It was fair weather over the entire 2 days of shooting and definitely a more comfortable setting than the 2016 event that was held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. We were happy to see the archery fraternity bubbling with enthusiasm and with participation across all age groups.

Our Telok Blangah Archery Club fielded 4 Masters Barebow Teams, 1 Men’s Open Recurve Team and 1 Junior Boys Team. We are happy to report that Masters Barebow Teams made a clean sweep. They were ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th at the end of Day 1 and went on to secure the top 4 (semi-finals) positions in the Teams’ Knockout Round on Day 2. Our young men did TBAC proud to win the Silver in the Men’s Open Recurve and our junior boys also gave a credible showing to be ranked 2nd in the ranking round, although all were new to competition.

Eagles Setting Up
Happy Faces! Spot our AAS President and National Coach Rac.
Eagles in Action
Different Approaches to Killing Time and Working Off Competition Stress 🙂
Eagles in Action – TKO
Our Gallant Boys and Their Doting Mummies
Handsome TBAC Men’s Open Recurve Team with their Silver!
After 2 Exciting Days……. Prizes and Waiting for the Metal 🙂
Oh! Awarded by JL, our National Mama Compound Archer. Gold – Brahminy Kite; Silver – Peregrine; Bronze – TBAC Eagles; 4th – Maltese Falcon


Ham …… Our Unofficial and Very Friendly Photographer! 🙂

Many thanks to our supporters who turned up to give cheers and even refreshments and special mention to Ham, who was our unofficial photographer.

We are looking forward to Singapore National Games 2018 and hope for an even larger turnout by the TBAC!

Die Die Must Eat Eagles’ Squadron – See you at SNG 2018!

TBAC Eagles at The Thailand Princess Cup Archery Competition 2017

The annual Thailand Princess Cup Archery Competition has become an event that we look forward to very much. There were more than 470 participants this year and it is probably a record for the  organisers. Originally, fifteen Eagles had registered and were fully committed to go but this was reduced to 13 due to unforseen circumstances. We still had lots of fun as you can see, even though we did miss the company of some of our buddies.


Eagles Recce Visit to the Venue on 16th June 2017

This year, we saw participants from 16 territories/countries. Eagles arrived a day earlier and made a recce trip to the venue. The lighting had been upgraded to more intense LED fittings and it did appear a bit brighter than previous years. However, it wasn’t enough to compensate for some of our aging eyes 😛

Opening Ceremony on 17th June
Preparations and Waiting!

The opening ceremony was well attended. The organisers did things a bit differently this year and invited representatives of participating groups to sit with the Guest of Honour… a very nice touch!

As a group, TBAC Eagles did reasonably. Our archers were ranked from 1st – 64th :). Eventually, 1 archer made it to the finals; 1 to 1/8th; 3 to 1/16th; 5 to 1/32nd; 2 to 1/64th. We all know that we’ll do better next time! To share some statistics, the Barebow Division Top 20 had: 15 Thais, 4 Singapore TBAC Eagles & 1 Malaysian.

Opponents = Friends 🙂

Ex-Machina, our 2016 Barebow Champion was up there to defend his 2 titles e.g. 1st in Qualifying and 1st in IKO. He did well as expected and emerged 1st again in the qualifying round.  The IKO went very smoothly for him as he breezed through all his opponents until the Finals where he met a very determined and able 62-year old army colonel, Khun Supin Smitkestrin. This gentleman was obviously tough as nails and it boiled down to a 1 arrow shoot-off between 2 tired but battle hardened archery exponents. Ex-Machina shot first and scored a confident 9. There was a bit of fun drama as Khun Supin asked a friend to select an arrow for him. Archer, bow and arrow were totally unified and delivered a spectacular dead centre bulls-eye to secure the IKO Princess Cup! A exciting duel and as Supoj the MC called it… “A beautiful match!”

Two Worthy Champions!
Happy Eagles

Eagles are always hungry and we never forget the great Thai food around us. Needless to say, we dined voraciously as you can see from the following photos.

Eat, eat and eat!
More food!

Overseas competitions are good for sharpening our minds and skills. They also bring the benefit of forging friendships. The Thailand Outdoor Archery Club continues to do a great and admirable job in staging this event year after year. We wish them well for the future and will certainly continue our support! For more news and photos, please visit: Thailand Princess Cup Archery Facebook

Until We Meet Again!