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Sembawang Archery Club 3D Open 2017

The 2nd Sembawang Archery 3D Open 2017 was held on 9th April. What a lot of fun! This year the format was slightly different and we had 9 x 3D Targets and 1 x 2D Novelty Target. The targets were arranged along routes of 5 targets each and archers were divided into details comprising 4 to 5 archers.

Familiar Setting – Just like the 2016 competition 🙂

Safety was well considered and only 1 detail was allowed onto each route at any one time. All was orderly and the organisers handled the whole event very well. This was a One Arrow per Target Event and it meant that archers only discharged a total of 10 arrows in the range. You can see how the course was laid out below:

Course Layout of the SAC 3D Archery Open 2017

The most interesting target was at Route 1 No. 5. Archers had to stand on large tyre and shoot at a 40cm 6-ring target, while ensuring that their arrow passed through a suspended tyre! No one scored any points! :p

Practice Time!
Briefing – Listen carefully…………….
On the Course – How far is that boar?
Novelty Target – Nobody scored any points!

This year, there were about 50 participants (7 Eagles) in 3 classes of competition i.e. Compound,  Barebow and Traditional. Our Eagles did well and made a clean sweep of in the Barebow category. Congratulations and well done to Falcon, Venator and Dark Knight who secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. You can see the happy smiling faces below.

Venator, Falcon and Dark Knight………….. Medallists. A good clean sweep! :} Happy Participants below.

We thank Sembawang Archery Club, our supporters and friends for making the 3D Open such an enjoyable experience. See you again at the SAC 3D Open 2018!

Celebrating, Eating & Drinking…………… what we like best after a competition!

Telok Blangah Archery Club – 2D/3D Invitational Meet (24th September 2016)

After 2 months of intense planning, the Eagles (led by Red Dragon) hosted our first 2D/3D competition on the auspices of TBAC. Many thanks go to our Chairman Frankie Yat and Treasurer Jocelyn Low for supporting this effort and for getting the necessary clearances from the Telok Blangah Community Club…. kudos also go to Hong Hui for his invaluable help in tabulating the scores and wizardry with the excel spreadsheet. 🙂

Spot or Important People :)
Spot Our Important People 🙂

Hong Hui is also a keen photographer and he was ably assisted by Vivian Low and Isola Chan who contributed about 600 photos altogether (we have used their contributions here) …. Archers are really fond of shooting all kinds of stuff! We also have Uncle Rhino Chew to thank for agreeing to be our judge for the day. He really did his job well, ………. getting all archers in line with his gruff bellowing.

As this was the first “serious” meet that we planned, we kept the numbers manageable and sent out invitations to clubs that we were familiar with. Support was good and we had about 40 archers participating in 3 categories i.e. Barebow, Traditional Historical Bow and Traditional Open.

Registration, Setting Up, Waiting and Briefing
Registration, Setting Up, Waiting and Briefing

Prizes were also awarded to the:

Best Lady Barebow Archer

Best Lady Traditional Historical Archer

Best Male Novice

Best Female Novice

Best Dressed Archer

We believe that this is the first time that the Traditional Historical category has been included as a separate category in a local competition. Indeed, the Malay Traditional Archers added a lot of colour to our event!!!

The completion was conducted over 2 rounds.

Round 1 – 4 targets, 6 arrows per target (Total of 24 arrows)

Round 2 – 8 targets, 3 arrows per target (Total of 24 arrows)

See the course layout diagram and photos here.

COURSE LAYOUT - designed by Red Dragon
COURSE LAYOUT – designed by Red Dragon
Field Setup and Targets
Field Setup and Targets

Enthusiasm remained high after the competition proper and some archers formed impromptu teams to participate in a team shoot (with no prizes!).

Shooting Time! Mind over Body.............
Shooting Time! Mind over Body………….
At the Targets and Target Boards............. "Is that a line cutter?"
At the Targets and Target Boards…………. “Is that a line cutter?”
Happy Medallists
Happy Medallists

We hope to organise a larger event after this experience and look forward to continued support from the Archery Fraternity. Hopefully, we will see the beginnings of a local Barebow and Archery circuit that keeps us occupied and sharp all year round.

We had a great time! When is the next meet?!
We had a great time! When is the next meet?!

Peoples’ Association Community Sports Club 40th Anniversary Traditional and Barebow Archery Competition

The PA CSC celebrated their 40th Anniversary and decided to host a Traditional and Barebow Archery shoot on 17th July 2017. The TBAC was one of the lucky invited clubs and it was a cosy affair with about 40 archers participating. We learnt that the shoot was put together within 2 weeks! Kudos go to the organizing committee (Potong Pasir CSC) for a job well done. Find out more about the Peoples’ Association Community Sports Club HERE.

The venue was the Shelton College grounds at Telok Blangah Rise. Eagles did well and almost made a clean sweep, collecting 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in both Men’s and Women’s categories. In the Team KO event, we secured the 1st and 3rd prizes. All in, it was a very satisfying outing for us and we enjoyed renewing ties with some very interesting archers.

The Shelton College Range, the pre-shoot Briefing and Action!
The Shelton College Range, the pre-shoot Briefing and Action!


Sense the Focus
More of the On-goings
Organisers, Participants, Prize Winners and the typical Eagles Celebration :)
Organisers, Participants, Prize Winners and the typical Eagles Celebration 🙂