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Modified Spigarelli ZT Rest for Win & Win Inno Riser (23″)

Pochahontas needed to set up a bow for 3D/Field Archery. She had a Spigarelli ZT Arrow Rest available and figured that it was a good idea to attach it to her carbon riser.

Plunger Bushings
The Problem with the Win & Win Inno Riser – Unfriendly to “wrap around” arrow rests

However, there was a little problem as the protruding plunger bushings from the Win & Win Inno riser resulted in an unstable mounting for the arrow rest. After some thought, we asked Ex-Machina (EXM) if he could cut a 1mm thick spacer to fill up the gap between the riser and rest mounting (caused by the  bushings). Naturally, he did better and shaped a  plate with rebated seats (included about 0.5mm tolerance) that fitted over bushings rest superbly.

Modified Rest
The Innovative Solution by EXM

This gave a perfect fit between riser and rest. Have a look at EXM’s Spigarelli ZT mod 🙂

Mounted ZT Rest
The Modified Arrow Rest is Mounted – In the hands of a happy archer