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A great thrill of archery is seeing one’s arrow launch, cut gracefully through space, land smack on some far target. And being part of a club that has a physical training ground does wonders for archer’s sanity, otherwise an archer could easily find himself shooting cross-eyed at the living room wall.

This Lynx has been fortunate enough to rest her feet and found good company at the current TBAC… and be in Singapore.

Only in Singapore, one can hop onto the public train service and emerge 10min walk to 70m outdoor archery range, or in some cases, land at a bus stop right outside the range itself. Take another 5 min walk and one would be greeted by markets, food centers, neighborhood shops and if lucky, even a shopping mall.

Dinner and movie date after shoot? sure can do. Just leave the gear in a locker in the mall and be free to roam about. If one is at TBAC, just take a short bus ride and one could, very easily and possibly, be on the next cruise to Indonesia or Malaysia.

Cool yeah? lynx thinks so too.

Singapore is also known as the Garden City… and one would think archers here get to shoot amongst the lilies and banyan trees, accompanied by birdsong and tea. Ah.. that’s actually is a nice thought…

Fact is, every inch of this urban garden is worth its weight in gold. The pressure on land space is so high that one would not find anymore, any spot on the island whose future for the next 10 years unplanned.

Co-existing in such tight areas, it is not uncommon for public curiosity to turn into police attention – Lynx had that personal experience while running fun-shoots for the community which was featured on the local citizen-journalism website discussing the dangers and legality of doing an archery shoot in an area where human traffic is so high.

Range space often have a lifespan between 2-5 years and whatever endures beyond this timespan are compact setups located in the heart of residential estates.For a long time now, local archers have lamented the lack of a permanent shooting facility. Not just as a home for the competitive national athletes, but a base from which the sport can be promoted as well along with a practical approach to public engagement and talent nurturing.

A dream? Maybe. Singapore is also known for aggressive land reclamation. With new soil, maybe just maybe, hope still exists for that dream.