Month: July 2018


The morning of Sunday, 22nd July felt good and our Eagles volunteers cruised in from 8am to begin setting up the TBAC range for the 3rd run of the Archery for Life initiative. Response was good with 19 participants. 5 target boards were moved into position along with the same number of our precious 3D targets.

Our Eagles’ cast for the day were:

Coordinator - Tyger
Coaches - Decrepit (Lead), Don Quixote
Registration - Kat, Tusen-Fryd
Prize Presenter - JL
Show and tell - Good Boy
Demo Archers - Falcon, Venator, Shockwave, Vanquish
Board Supervisors - Artist, Dark Knight, Garang, Goodboy, Lejolas,
Minmaxer, Optimus, Red Dragon, Shockwave, Venator, Viper.
Photographer - Isola
Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! Eagles get going!!!

Participants began streaming in from 8:30am but our ever efficient Kat & Tusen-Fryd were ready sign them in. JL, (our link person with the CC) turned up early too, with the updated participant list. Registration and distribution of armguards/finger tabs proceeded without a hitch….. the veterans of 2 previous Tryout runs worked together like a well oiled machine. We also had 2 newbie Eagles volunteering (Minmaxer & Lejolas) ….. graduates from our inaugural AFL Tryout run 🙂 !

Registration and Waiting to Start!

Tyger started off the event with a short welcome note and quick briefing on the morning’s programme. Of course, he could not help digressing into his usual sales pitch on the AFL Barebow Course and Provisional Membership package…. “Value, Value, Value….. at only $125!!!” 😛  He also extended his thanks to a very good turnout of volunteers, without whom such a programme would have been impossible to run. Good Boy then took over and played the role of Archery Historian, conducting a “Show and Tell” of the various types of bows. The bows were passed around for attendees to feel and appreciate. Thereafter, participants were treated to an archery skills demonstration by Falcon, Venator, Shockwave and Vanquish who displayed precision shooting, instinctive archery, horse-bow technique and whistling signal arrows.

Briefing followed by “Show and Tell” & a Demonstration of Archery Skills

This time, Don Quixote decided to put up his feet somewhat and arrowed the role of Conducting Coach to Decrepit…. our ever willing Philosopher Archer who jumped in to begin the shoot with a safety briefing. After which, our volunteers helped participants with the fitting out and familiarisation with the bow and arrow.

Fitting Up and Getting Familiar with the Bow and Arrow

In less than one and a half hours, this batch of participants was getting noticeably better………. obvious from the board groupings that were looking smaller and smaller 🙂 . They were about to show their competitive mettle.

We finally get to SHOOT after all that TALKING!!!
Let me teach you some FINER points 🙂

There was a 15-minute break from 10:45am, during which Tyger hijacked some air-time to promote archery as an affordable hobby, emphasizing that it is the Archer that matters and not the Equipment.  We resumed shooting with 1-Arrow practice rounds for a competitive shoot. Archers at each board then competed amongst themselves to see who got nearest the centre (120cm target face) and nearest the yellow sticker (3D targets). There was a palpable air of tension and anxiety as archers shot one at a time. Competition was very stiff and one board even had a 1-arrow shoot-off. JL (our very own national compound archer) kindly graced our prize giving and the winners were each rewarded with a small novelty (but handy) token. That done, we decided to round off the event with another 1-Arrow competition amongst the winners. Each participant lined up to shoot 1 arrow at a 3D Boar. The eventual winner went home with a bucket hat that will come in useful in her future outdoor archery shoots. 🙂

Competitive New Archers!

We hope that everyone had a good time. We look forward to seeing more of you at the Telok Blangah Archery Club.



The next Archery for Life Tryout (Run 4 - scheduled on 21st October 2018)
will be the last event for this series. So, do inform your friends not to
miss taking part in Run 4. Eagles will take a break after that but you will
always see us hovering around :P. The Telok Blangah Archery Club will be
focusing on youth development next year. Please keep a lookout for publicity and
announcements on this.

Thailand Princess Cup Archery Competition 2018

This year, Eagles flew up in an 11-archer squadron (comprising 9 Barebow, 1 Recurve and 1 Compound archer) to our annual destination… the huge Fashion Island @ Ramindra Road, Bangkok. It was the biggest Princess Cup ever with 520 participants…. 32 target boards fully utilised, 133 archers in the Barebow category! Hats off again to TOAC for organizing this competition! You can visit their Facebook page HERE.

KS Eagles Friday Recce
Kiasu-Hungry Eagles on a Friday Evening Venue Recce Trip and Food Hunt
Badge 2018
Beautiful Present from the Organiser

Interest was so good that places were totally filled within 3 days from the opening of registration. Eagles were fully committed as we had booked our air-tickets well ahead and could not afford to miss out. We were practically sitting at our computers waiting for registration to open… hahaha. On hindsight, it proved to be the right thing to do as we heard that many other keen archers were unable to secure a slot. As a result, only 7 countries took part  (including the hosts) and it was significantly down from 14 participating nations/territories of last year. On the flip side, the Thai participation rate seemed to be much better than before. There was also a nice touch by the organisers as all participants were given a beautiful, limited edition brass badge commemorating the 2018 event.

This year seemed extra special too as the competition was supported by both the Thailand Paralympic and Olympic Committees. 🙂

Opening ceremony
At the Opening Ceremony of the Princess Cup Archery Competition 2018

Eagles did quite well, Kat was 2nd in the Ladies ranking and Falcon was 3rd in the Men’s ranking round. However, we didn’t do too well in the IKO segment as all of us got KOed by the 1/32 round with the exception of Garang (a first timer!) who made it to 1/8 level. Well, we know that we need more IKO practice and competition. On with it, Eagles!

Eagles in Competition
Eagles in Competition!
Eagles in Competition_2
More Eagles Action! 🙂

In the Barebow category, we saw some vastly improved Thai archers and newbies breaking into the news and competing for the top 2 positions. They’ve been working hard and obviously have a deep talent pool, too. Congratulations!

The Princess Cup is truly a high-level regional competition. Many national archers (in all disciplines) come to take part in it, a testament to the organiser’s skills and quality of the tournament. Some of the scores posted are world class.

Our Performing Eagles
Our Performing Eagles 🙂

After the competition, we broke away from our old routine and decided not to move to Bangkok city centre. It gave us time to make a day tour to the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya with a chartered van, rounding off with an eagle-sized meal in Chinatown. The next morning, we had time to do some shopping at Fashion Island plus indulge in a local food-court lunch.

Touring Eagles
Touring Eagles in Ayutthaya

The airport is only a short 30 minute drive from Synsiri Resort, where most of us stayed. Hence, there was no stress at all getting there and a relaxing way to end our annual pilgrimage to the Princess Cup Competition.

Traditionally Hungry & Thirsty Eagles

Over the last 4 years, Eagles have become a noticeable group in the Princess Cup Competition. Other participants come to ask about non-appearing Eagles e.g. Ex-Machina (past champion), Lynx (popular gal), Isola …etc. It’s a good sign that we are missed (meaning we are not a nuisance… hahaha) and we hope that more TBAC and Singapore archers will join us for the Princess Cup 2019 and onwards.  🙂

Goodbye PC2018
Goodbye and See You at the Princess Cup 2019!


Course Briefing by Coaches Tan Tor Seng and Dennis Ng

Our 2nd Basic Barebow Course  began on 6th May 2018, run across 3 Sundays and the sign-up rate was a cosy 7. This time around, we did a tweak and added a distance estimation module. This is a useful skill especially in 3D and unmarked distance shooting. Previous course attendees are welcome to pop-in at the range to get a short instruction on this.

Enjoy the photos below. We like to remind previous Try-Out participants that they can sign up for the Barebow Course at the special rates………………… while we continue to run it. 🙂 What are you waiting for?

Eager Archers Getting Started
Pulling Out Arrows is Hard Work!
Distance Estimation… “Stick out your thumb and tell me how far is that boar!”; Finer points in Archery Technique.
“I am Archer!”. Happy Barebow Graduates with our Club Chairman Frankie Yat.


Photo credits: Kevin Yee


It was a fair Sunday and Eagles turned up early to set up the event. This time around, it was a cosy affair with 17 participants 🙂 . We also had some new bows and arrows that we were keen to try out on this batch of attendees. They proved quite good!

Our volunteers up and early, setting up the range for the Try-Out shoot
Registration of Participants and Briefing

Registration went smoothly and we were able to start on time. This time around, the conducting coaches were Tan Tor Seng and Dennis Ng. Participants were briefed on safety, followed by a “show and tell” on the different types of bows. Senior archers then treated our audience to a short demo that wowed some people.

Senior Archers giving their Wow-Wow demo

Of course, everyone was just waiting to get their hands on the bows and start shooting.  Hence, we hurried along and got to business. The 3-hour session ended with a mini competition and some returned with prizes but we hope all went home with happy memories.

Let’s get going! Participants having their 3 hours of fun
Newbie Sharpshooters Revealed in Our Mini-Competition

This time around… we somehow forgot to take a group photo… hahaha. So you are all invited to come down again to pose for one 🙂

Photo credits : Isola Chan