Princess Cup Archery Competition 2018

PC Cup 2018Wow! Registration was opened on 1st May 2018 and all the Barebow places were taken up within 3 days!!! Based on our count of the registrant list, it looks like we should see 132 Barebow archers. This is certainly the largest batch (about 490 archers!) that we have encountered over the last few years. It is a testament to the growing popularity of the Princess Cup and the Barebow Archery category. Will the total number of participants break the 500 mark next year? Let’s see 🙂 .

Our Telok Blangah Archery Club will be represented by 11 members who will be making the trip up to Fashion Island, Bangkok, this year. The group comprises of 9 Barebow, 1 Olympic Recurve and 1 Compound archer. All the best to them and may all of their arrows shoot true! Do look out for our post-competition report.


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