Month: June 2017

TBAC Eagles at The Thailand Princess Cup Archery Competition 2017

The annual Thailand Princess Cup Archery Competition has become an event that we look forward to very much. There were more than 470 participants this year and it is probably a record for the  organisers. Originally, fifteen Eagles had registered and were fully committed to go but this was reduced to 13 due to unforseen circumstances. We still had lots of fun as you can see, even though we did miss the company of some of our buddies.


Eagles Recce Visit to the Venue on 16th June 2017

This year, we saw participants from 16 territories/countries. Eagles arrived a day earlier and made a recce trip to the venue. The lighting had been upgraded to more intense LED fittings and it did appear a bit brighter than previous years. However, it wasn’t enough to compensate for some of our aging eyes 😛

Opening Ceremony on 17th June
Preparations and Waiting!

The opening ceremony was well attended. The organisers did things a bit differently this year and invited representatives of participating groups to sit with the Guest of Honour… a very nice touch!

As a group, TBAC Eagles did reasonably. Our archers were ranked from 1st – 64th :). Eventually, 1 archer made it to the finals; 1 to 1/8th; 3 to 1/16th; 5 to 1/32nd; 2 to 1/64th. We all know that we’ll do better next time! To share some statistics, the Barebow Division Top 20 had: 15 Thais, 4 Singapore TBAC Eagles & 1 Malaysian.

Opponents = Friends 🙂

Ex-Machina, our 2016 Barebow Champion was up there to defend his 2 titles e.g. 1st in Qualifying and 1st in IKO. He did well as expected and emerged 1st again in the qualifying round.  The IKO went very smoothly for him as he breezed through all his opponents until the Finals where he met a very determined and able 62-year old army colonel, Khun Supin Smitkestrin. This gentleman was obviously tough as nails and it boiled down to a 1 arrow shoot-off between 2 tired but battle hardened archery exponents. Ex-Machina shot first and scored a confident 9. There was a bit of fun drama as Khun Supin asked a friend to select an arrow for him. Archer, bow and arrow were totally unified and delivered a spectacular dead centre bulls-eye to secure the IKO Princess Cup! A exciting duel and as Supoj the MC called it… “A beautiful match!”

Two Worthy Champions!
Happy Eagles

Eagles are always hungry and we never forget the great Thai food around us. Needless to say, we dined voraciously as you can see from the following photos.

Eat, eat and eat!
More food!

Overseas competitions are good for sharpening our minds and skills. They also bring the benefit of forging friendships. The Thailand Outdoor Archery Club continues to do a great and admirable job in staging this event year after year. We wish them well for the future and will certainly continue our support! For more news and photos, please visit: Thailand Princess Cup Archery Facebook

Until We Meet Again!