Thailand Princess Cup Archery Tournament 2017

The 11th edition of the Thailand Princess Cup Archery Competition is on! This year, we are looking forward to a much bigger turnout for the meet. For the record, the tournament hosted about 450 participants last year! However, due to space limitations, the organisers have decided to scrap the team competitions this year, in the interest of accommodating more archers at this iconic regional archery event. We hope that the team events will be reinstated some time in the near future as it’s good for promoting team spirit and really exciting to watch.

15 Eagles have committed and registered their participation this year. It’s our biggest group yet! 🙂 They are: Artist, Black Wolf, Dark Knight, Decrepit, Ex-Machina (2016 Barebow Champ!), Falcon, Good Boy, Ham, Kai, Kat, Mads, Pochahontas, Randy, Red Dragon & Tyger. We look forward to renewing our ties with all the wonderful organisers, friends and participants.

Online registration is being implemented this year and the channel is through the Archery Thai website :

Below is a screenshot of their registration page for easy reference:

See you all the Thailand Princess Cup Archery Tournament 2017!




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