Thailand Princess Cup 2016 Campaign

The TBAC Eagles practiced hard for this year’s Princess Cup! We had been squeezing out practice time from our busy schedules…. before, after work and even after dinner!

Eagles Training
Eagles in Training

This was our second consecutive outing and a 10-archer squadron headed up for the annual competition (along with one honorary Manager), that  took place once again at Bangkok’s Fashion Island Mall. We were also happy to see 3 recurve and 1 compound archer + team manager make the special trip for the annual games. TBAC Eagles  fielded 3 competitive teams this year in the Traditional and Barebow Category. Our aim was to better our standings of last year, where we had one individual in the top 8 IKO and one team also made it to the top 8 TKO. The Traditional category is no more and the organiser converted it to Barebow (World Archery definition). We think that the event may eventually morph into a WA sanctioned competition and that will be great news.

It was a good outcome for us. Ex-Machina is the 2016 champion in the barebow category, emerging as the top ranked archer in the qualifying round AND winner in the IKO (Individual Knock Out)….. a Double Gold Medal and the first foreign national to win the Barebow/Traditional Category Princess Cup in its 10-year history!

Eagles and TBAC
TBAC Eagles with our Young Ones

Other Eagles did well too. 9 Eagles qualified for the IKO event, Mads and Kat made to the 1/32 level and Pochahontas powered to the 1/8 to give last year’s IKO champion a worthy fight. However, we did not improve in the team event with only 1 team making it to the 1/8 cut.

Take a look at the setups that were airborne to the Thailand Princess Cup. You can see a range of wood and metal risers. For a start, all unbraced bows must pass through a 12.2cm diameter ring. Some of us attached weights (allowed under WA rules) for better balance. The largest weight that an Eagle attached was 650g and we were surprised to see that some Thai archers had 1.3kg weights! Wow!!!

Eagles' Setups
Eagles’ Setups – Spot the Champion Bow!
Our Lady Archers
Our Lady Archers
Barebow Archers in Competition Mode
Eagles Barebow Archers in Competition Mode
Our Double Gold Champion. Centre photo shows him with his very bubbly opponent and charming assistant
Our Double Gold Champion. Centre photo shows him with his very bubbly opponent and charming assistant
Prized Cups
Prized Cups
A Past Champion graciously Instructing a New Champion in Protocol
A Past Champion graciously instructing a New Champion in protocol
With our Friends
With our Friends

We all had a great time renewing ties, shooting and of course…………….. soaking in the Thai hospitality and food.


Auld Lang Syne
AULD LANG SYNE …….. Another great edition of the Princess Cup Archery Competition by THAILAND OUTDOOR ARCHERY CLUB

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