Thailand Princess Cup Archery Competition 2016

PC Cup 2016 BannerThe Princess Cup 2016 will take place from 18th -19th June! This is the their 10th Anniversary and we are looking forward to another fun and exciting time.

There has been a change in the Traditional Category that is causing some hubbub amongst Eagles. This year, the organisers have tweaked the rules to call it Barebow & Traditional Category. The equipment rules appear to follow World Archery (formerly FITA) barebow equipment requirements. Basically, olympic recurve riser with elevated rest, plunger, riser weight and string/face walking are allowed (sights are not permitted). Go here to see the Princess Cup Rules page.  Our speculation is that the Princess Cup may eventually evolve into a WA sanctioned event and that this step is part of the preparatory works. We’ll wait and see!

Eagles now have to decide if we want to continue shooting with our “Traditional” setups or move over to WA Barebow setups. The latter which does offer some advantages over traditional bows. This year, we are hoping that all of the TBAC Eagles Team of 2015 can find time to participate and practice for this annual event. Hopefully, others will also make the decision to join the Team and help make a stronger presence for the Telok Blangah Archery Club at Thailand Princess Cup 2016.


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