Bow Hand Stuff

Hi there!
Have you ever wondered why your shots sometimes go left, right, high, or low of your aiming point?
One method I propose is always to use a light weight bow, then try out the following :-

1.  Shoot some ends until warmed up, at about 10-18m.  You should be able to shoot at a distance that you can group your arrows within a 2-inch diameter.
2.  Next, shoot 3 arrows to confirm you are grouping, then shoot 2 arrows each:-

With your bowhand, at the point of release, apply pressure to the bow at

(i) the base of your index finger,

(ii) side of your thumb,

(iii) at the heel of your palm, and

(iv) at the web between your index and thumb.

Notice that at the point of release, the pressure exerted will influence/dictate the final point where the arrow lands.
One way to reduce this bias is to set up your riser grip with the objective of encouraging repeatability in your bow hand process/performance.
Of course, the best (I feel) method is to practise regularly so that eventually you can shoot any bow competently.

Bye for now!

Till the next time, may your arrows fly true!



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