Very Important Club People – 2

TSDon Quixote as you might guess from his name, is one of the oldest and also possibly the most stubborn member of the club. He is also our Club Patron and has been plonking arrows for more than 15 years with hardly any improvement. One reason, as you can see, is because he often insists on using a longbow that is taller than him. He also spouts queer ideas such as “Just hoot lah”, meaning in a local dialect, “Don’t worry too much about too many things, just pull and let go”. No wonder he is getting nowhere. You might be surprised to learn that he is in fact the one of Club’s main coach . No wonder the club is also kind of …………. plodding along (finely, though). Read more about Don Quixote here.

ChewThis fierce looking guy is Uncle Chew. He is a great bow mechanic, repairman….. with a great talent for giving broken bows a new lease of life. He is also a coach and a certified Archery Association of Singapore National Judge and who has officiated in many local events. Uncle Chew is one tough cookie and about the only archer we have come across with a hide as tough as a rhinoceros….. he shoots bare fingers without finger tabs and arm guards! Often, he can be seen moving heavy objects such as steel cabinets and tables single handedly, putting many of the young ones to shame. Don’t ever give Uncle Chew a reason to chew you out!

DNThis stylish fellow is Decrepit. Archery coach and philosopher. He is so deep that we often find it difficult to understand him. However, Decrepit needs no understanding when we observe his single minded focus on his ONE SHOT ONE KILL attitude. Ever the dreamer hunter, he is also incredibly optimistic and enthusiastic in everything that he does… and every willing to give a lending hand to his ……………………… captive audience.

Contributions by Don Quixote and Tyger. Edited by Tyger.


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