Our Range Master

See Chuan_CroppedThis handsome guy is Ex Machina (EXM). He is our Range Master, Mr. FixItAll and our Best Archer. We try very hard to knock EXM off the Best Archer’s pedestal but are a long long way from succeeding. Give EXM any bow, any bunch of mixed arrows and he still manages to get them into Gold! A born archer, he has the uncanny ability to tune himself to the equipment he wields… so depressing for us when we are shooting against him.

EXM is very good with DIY and improvisation, all to our benefit. Here are some things that he has made…. the most recent being bow hangers!

Arrow Flight Testing Attachment (Side View)
Arrow Flight Testing Device (Target Line View)
Arrow Flight Testing Device (Close-up View)
Bow Hanger_01
Kat and Pocahontas very happy and posing with the Bow Hangers
Bow Hanger_02
Close-up of the Bow Hangers. Great DIY work by Ex Machina
Foreground: Moving target machine (with small balloon)

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