Our First Outing at Thailand’s Princess Cup (Bangkok)

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We had a group of 9 trad archers and one compounder participating in this year’s 2015 Princess Cup. Our Golden Goose Team (DC,JD,EXM) made it all the way to the 1/4 elimination round. They earned an opportunity to matchplay with a team consisted of PC 2014 1st and 2nd individual finishers ! Individually, EXM got into the 1/4 elimination round to go head to head with 2014 Silver winner!


1/4 Team Knockout Round
1/4 Team Knockout Round



The annual Princess Cup invitational is a unique gathering of archers. Fierce competition for the coveted Cups was only to be expected. Eagles were so impressed by the comraderie that transcended disciplines, gender, clubs and nationality we are already planning to be back next year.  Every one we met was both a serious competitor and a like-minded friend. The event was so well done that the organiser practically made us feel like pro archers! 400 archers from 14 Countries/Territories were represented. What an impressive organising feat by the Thailand Outdoor Archery Club.

14 Countries / Territories represented. See our Singapore flag?
“All are EQUAL on the Shooting Line” – EAGLES Thumbs Up!

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True to Eagles’ vacation style, we made sure to achieve all the KPIs of a great time – good company, good food, make merry 🙂 !  All nicely rounded off thanks to a fabulous night’s rest at the Mariott Vacation Club courtesy of Red Dragon.

IMG_8336 HT stunned by Eagle appetite …

Starting the day right with a full breakfast and gourmet coffee from the pretty ladies at the local eatery.

IMG_8480 IMG_8483

and we don’t let dinner pass by quietly either….. IMG_8476    our heartfelt thanks to the local eateries for feeding this convocation so well and being great hosts.


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