Maker of Cute Cute 3D Targets

Our Dark KnightThis is Dark Knight (DK), our Chief Target Maker. DK is really creative and good with his hands. Handicrafts is one of DK’s hobbies. His generous sharing and work lights up our days plus…… saves us lots of $$$.  The 3D targets that he lovingly makes are soooooo cute and adorable, hence very very difficult to shoot at. You can see what we mean…..

We started out as a fun group shooting at such targets initially, before concentrating on our preparation for the Princess Cup 2015. Now we can devote some time to help DK enlarge our animal population.. Who knows, we may turn into a Telok Blangah Safari Park 3D shoot venue 🙂

Secret Squirrel
Mr. Caw Caw
Great Llama
Otter Man
Miss Piggy


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