Hi Archery World!

Eagles @ PC
Princess Cup Team 2015

We are a motley bunch of Traditional and Barebow Archers from the Telok Blangah Archery Club. Our home range at Telok Blangah St. 31 is a 1-hectare field where we can shoot up to 70m, a very fortunate thing in the context of our Little Red Dot  city state.

We like Traditional and Barebow Archery, stripped of “most” of the bells and whistles of modern archery. Maybe we are a bit nostalgic but we love the demands of learning how to connect with our bows. We have learnt how to tune our equipment … after which we spend inordinate amounts of

PC Team 2016 together with our Young Recurve and Compound Archers
Princess Cup Team 2016 together with our Young Recurve and Compound Archers

time trying to tune our disobedient bodies and minds! We also enjoy each others’ company and frequently hold mini competitions to keep ourselves sharp and motivated. This group was founded by Mads in 2014 and has been growing at a comfortable pace. We hope that more (especially from Telok Blangah) will join us to discover the joy the magic of Traditional and Barebow Archery… in the cultivation of a fit body and a still mind.

Please read “In Praise of the Barebow

PC Team 2017
Princess Cup Team 2017

Archer” by Nicola Turner and 5 Things You Should Know About Barebow

If you are interested in archery lessons, please drop an email to: tbac.secretary@gmail.com

Princess Cup Team 2018

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